The 3P’s Explained


To create “Baby Bonding Opportunities” that will build self- esteem in our children.

Baby Bonding Opportunities can be a fun way to get know your children and build self-esteem.
The more creative the parent gets the more exciting the journey can be. The parent doesn’t have
to take on the responsibility alone, they can get some great ideas from their children.

Taking mental notes of what children enjoy and gravitate to naturally will get the creative juices flowing.  Spending quality time with your children is where you have the opportunity to plant verbal
affirmations that will have long-lasting effects. Having your daughter join you in the kitchen
while preparing a meal is an opportunity. Give her an assignment to crack the eggs and empty
them in the bowl opens the door for you tell her how efficient she is, sealing it with a kiss on the

A young boy assisting Dad racking leaves in the yard could be a bonding moment
while reinforcing his self-worth and sense of responsibility. Driving in a car with your little ones can be a bonding opportunity by creating a game around objects outside the car. There are countless ways to create memorable moments it just takes time and desire.



To Promote an attitude that will encourage exercising more Patience.

We understand that if you have toddlers then this may be one of the toughest “P’s” to exercise, but it’s doable once you develop more of it. It is our desire that when parents or guardians see the logo of, “Be Patient… I’m still Growing.” it will inspire them to operate in a state of calmness and practice patience when interacting with their little ones. Patience is typically something you think about once you realize you didn’t use it. It’s almost like an “out of body” experience.

The moment you lose your temper or become frustrated, you immediately reenact the moment in your mind and think “Awe, I should have done this or said that.” Don’t beat yourself up.

That’s why we created Be Patient… I’m still Growing. It is our hope that you will not only get into the habit of reading the affirmations out loud to your little ones while dressing them, but commit them to memory so that you can speak them out loud purposely during one of your bonding moments. Exercising patience will probably be a life-long habit but the great news is it will benefit you in countless ways and your children will grow up emulating what they saw you


To Uphold A Standard Of No Tolerance Of Any Form Of Child Abuse.

Once You Fully Comprehend The Meaning Of The First “P” (Purpose) And You’re Putting Forth Your Best Effort To Promote The Second “P” (Patience) Then You Will Better Understand The Importance Of The Third “P”(Prevention).

If A Standard Is Not Set For Prevention Early On, Then You Will Have Nothing To Uphold. There Must Be Boundaries And Action In Place So That You Know When To Walk Away And Return Only When You Can Interact With Your Child In A Calmly Fashion. Day To Day Living And Endless Responsibilities Of A Parent Can Cause Tempers To Flare And Frustrations To Mount, Especially For Single Parents Not Having Anyone To Help Carry The Load.

Our Be Patient Clothing Team Understand Your Struggle. That Is Why We Hope The Affirmations We Created For The Labels In Garments Will Be A Reminder That Your Little Ones Are A Precious Gift. May They Always Know Parents Are Their Protectors And Feel Safe And Not Fearful.